Our core Competencies

Digital business development

This scenario hasn’t changed much since the “analog” business model. And it’s dramatically different than the future of digital business or “autonomous” business, where smart machines and things create value in business models that span industries. In the Digital Business era, Marketing.mu acts as a semi-autonomous agent on your behalf alerting you and the dealer to the need for maintenance, scheduling the appointment, and ordering the necessary parts. It may even drive itself to the shop.

Sectors of operation

Clarity tasked Marketing.mu with raising our profile within the digital business field to win new clients. We propose to develop a content driven new and adapted business programme targeted at a wide range of business area which shows potentials.

Digital Africa Scheme

At the intersection of business and things, the Digital Africa Scheme we have put in place examines how business operations and assets are used in a digital context to “grow” a new and adapted to the African business model. It identifies opportunities that rise when digital business cannot operate the same as it did in pre digital models.


With experience in all digital business development and communications disciplines, we have the industry understanding, insight, technical resources and expert, energetic team to develop your business significantly. When you work with us, it’s all about setting targets and results.

Our team

Our team is made of “marketers” from India and Mauritius who live in “interesting times” (in the sense of the not-actually-Chinese curse) working in the digital business development including ecommerce and digital marketing field.

Our Focus and Principles

Our focus and principles are driven by the 3R’s

Responsiveness to the client’s needs;

Relationships between different stakeholders and us;

References provided all the way from start to the end of the process.

Our Offices

Our main operating base is in Mauritius and Rwanda.

  • We Plan
    Many agencies relating to SME’s development rely on referrals or increasing business from existing clients. While these can create some growth, significant business development demands a proactive approach – taking the initiative and targeting your ideal clients.So we start by identifying the companies you want to work with. What industries best suit your services? Do you favour any particular geographical locations? Does the size of an organisation matter to you? And what sort of budgets are you aiming for?
  • We Research
    With our services, you have the unique benefits of our online tools that combines high-quality data research, market intelligence and business insight which is a powerful resource, our in-house data team supports our business development work, ensuring we have the right insights make our approach relevant and interesting to your target audience.
  • We Adapt
    When we’re happy we have informed resources in place, we put the plan into action, using the methods we’ve agreed to grab the attention of your prospects.Supported by design professionals, our experienced business developers can use all channels to promote your business. We work with you to join up your marketing activity. Whether it’s social media, events, e-mailers, DM, or PR, we do whatever it takes to keep you top of mind for future new business opportunities.
Our objective is to make African business sustainable,vibrant and profitable
  • Relationship
    Enterprises must assess providers in the multiple universes and formulate their strategies to take advantage of the situation. This relationship can be used to consistently assess how well providers are selling through the flip to digital business into success. As we evaluate the growth of support for digital business, the opportunity arises to use the critical flip points to measure and compare how well vendors are addressing the proper concerns. In this way, digital business development relationship become a methodology for evaluating progress.
  • Timing
    To win the attention – and the business – of your prospects, timing is critical. Where possible, we get you in front of a potential client when they’re reviewing their existing arrangements, or when a brief is available. Right place, right time.We find out who your prospects are working with, when they review and what projects are in the pipeline. Over time, we build a detailed view of your target market and the potential opportunities – so we know exactly who to contact, when and how.
    We make sure your business structure is as efficient as possible by working side by side as your strategic partner to help develop an integrated strategy, tailored to your specific objectives and continuously open up and explore opportunities.
  • Small

  • $1400/mo
    • Client Introduction
    • Advisory
    • Discussion
    • Digital business proposition
    • Web solution integration
    • Digital Solution testing
    • Digital Solution launch
    • 24 hrs or 2 weeks

  • Medium

  • $2900/mo
    • Client introduction
    • Advisory
    • Business planning
    • Client discussion
    • Product/Service Definition
    • Digital solution
    • Digital solution development
    • Digital solution proposal
    • Digital solution implementation
    • Digital solution testing
    • Digital solution launching
    • Follow up

  • Enterprise

  • $3500/mo
    • Client introduction
    • Discussion
    • Advisory
    • Business planning
    • Organisation Structuring
    • Digital or (Re) solution implementation
    • Digital solution
    • Business development strategic launch
    • Partner identification
    • Marketing strategy
    • Client maintainance
    • 48 Hrs or 1 month.